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When is the best time for Instagram posts?

Bloggers are self-motivated and can be tiring. You don’t have anyone to push or guide you. You are responsible for motivating yourself and it is your job. If you don’t get enough likes for your posts, and this happens too often, it can cause you to lose your motivation to work. It happened to me, too.

Instagram views kaufenIs it true?

So, first of all, I wanted confirmation. I don’t believe or rely on things immediately so I experimented.

Friday was Friday. I wrote when I felt it was right. I was angry yet again! My post didn’t get the likes I wanted, and most of my followers showed some love. What happened to the audience?

On Saturday, I posted in perfect Instagram time, and guess what? It was obvious that the change was very noticeable. My Friday post had only 20 likes. The Saturday post got 50. This is a huge motivator for beginners, even though it may not seem like much. It is true, you can see.


To decipher the best timings, it took me nearly 2 days. Every other post had different timings. But, I needed to find the posts with similar timings over time. After I had read through about 5-6 pages of Google stats, I discovered that these timings were most common in the majority of articles I read. These are the best times for Instagram posts. Learn more about Instagram views kaufen.